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The World Monologue Games is the brainchild of Australia-based Pete Maliki. This annual global event sees thousands of performers from scores of countries participate in an epic acting competition and virtual showcase. They welcome participants, fans, sponsors, volunteers and judges from every country in the world, and in all languages. Yes, monologues do not have to be in English. 

I have taken part in the WMG since 2020, in that year with a monologue from Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge as Eddie Carbone. I ended up ranking 30th in a field of hundreds world-wide, and first amongst the performers from Israel


In 2021, I submitted several monologues, and two performances of the same monologue were chosen to compete in the regional finals: Doug Larson's Flowers in the Desert, one performance in the original English, and an additional performance in Hebrew (my translation). This is the only monologue in WMG in Hebrew that qualified for the finals. This site will be updated regarding the status of these in the competition. 

In 2022, my version of the "Brady Monologue" from James Duff's Home Front qualified for the regional fimals. 

In 2023, two of my monologues qualified for the regional finals: The "False Idol" monologue from Oscar Wilde's "An Ideal Husband", and the "Bastard in a Basket" monologue from "There Will Be Blood" . 

WMG 2023: An Ideal Husband
(English) by Oscar Wilde

WMG 2023: A Bastard From a Basket 
(English) from "There Will Be Blood" adapted by Paul Thomas Anderson, based on Upton Sinclair's novel "Oil!"

WMG 2022: Home Front - "Brady Monologue" (English)

WMG 2021: Flowers in the Desert (English)

WMG 2021: Flowers in the Desert (Hebrew)
פרחים במדבר 

WMG 2020: A View From the Bridge (English)

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