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Commercial Demo Reel (English)

דמו בעברית

Voice Over Resume

Yaakov Shaibi - Shmittah Year - Switch Productions

Bruker Lab Tales - American and Chinese accent

Avigdor Feldman - Shadow of Truth (צל של אמת) | Talia Bernstein | ביצת עין  | 2021 (E)


Duygu Basara agency (London) - English


Duygu Basara agency (Istanbul) - Hebrew

Duygu Basara agency (Istanbul) - English

The Duygu Basara Agency represents leading Turkish and international film and TV actors in addition to dubbing and voice-over talent, and boasts Turkey’s most comprehensive voice bank. The Agency opened a branch office in London in 2016, and continues to be a ground breaker in the realm of advertising, TV shows, movies, animated cartoons, digital films, and documentaries. I am proud to join their team as a voice over artist in both English and Hebrew. 


The Casting Call Club allows voice-over actors to connect with potential clients and each other to find projects. It also allows those looking for VO talent to find that talent. But it's not limited to VO, others connect as well - singers, artists, animators, writers, editors, voice engineers, directors, producers, and anything else I forgot to write here.