Successful Auditions

Although most of my projects are from direct referral, I also do plenty of auditions. Here are a few of those that got me the part. English unless otherwise noted as Hebrew


Online virtual visits with Santa Claus. JingleRing started in 2020, with the talented creative team led by Walt Geer. See more about JingleRing here



Popular Israeli drama/comedy. Season 2. Wolfson comes to check out a match for his daughter, and everything goes well.... until it doesn't. (Hebrew) 


An Israeli miniseries originally produced in Hebrew called "צל של אמת" , this is a docu-drama about the case of Roman Zadarov, who was accused and conviceted of murdering Tair Rada. The conviction was based on his confession, but the confession was squeezed out of him by the police using lies and subterfuge. Roman later recanted, and there is no forensic or other evidence connecting him to the crime. It is being re-done as a podcast in English.I play the part of Avigdor Feldman, Roman's appeals attorney. 


A rap musical clip called "Adam Shem Tov Havvy" by Tamir Bar. There are several numbers in the series, I am in "The Little Citizen" wherein I play a judge. This audition is for the judge scene only (Hebrew). See the final clip here.  

Exodus 1991

"Mar Naim" in Hebrew, this is a docu-drama about Operation Solomon, Israel's operation to repatriate the ancient community of Ethiopian Jews. Film in Hebrew, English, and Amharic. My part: Bob Houdek, American  Diplomat, who was a key figure in the success of the operation.

Dead End Hotel

A 3D-animated (like Avatar), interactive film about a Mossad operation that went sour. I  play "Lion", the Mossad commander. (Hebrew)

Tu-Too Breaks Free

A remote play written by April Cavil, about Carol's little chihuahua, who just can't take it any more. I play Abe, the hound dog, and Tu-Too's savior. 


A cute commercial directed by the talented Ro'i Kafri. I play an Australian biker. This is the first time I used a non-American accent in an English-speaking part, pulled it off, and got paid for it to boot. Fair Dinkum', mate. 


Directed by Aviv Maaravi, I play the production line manager of Tornado air conditioners, showing Rotem Sela (who plays an annoying busybody) how things work (Hebrew). הכל מושלם