JingleRing - online Santa Claus visits 

JingleRing is an online company that provides exciting virtual, yet live visits with  Santa Claus! I am proud to have been one of the Santas they had for 2020, and am looking forward to doing it again in 2021. Each of us "Santas" uses a studio we set up on our own, including webcam, microphone, high level graphics capabilities, broadband connection, as well as the Santa beard, suit, blue screen background and lighting. The animated background - Santa's toy packaging facility - came from the creative minds at JingleRing. All visits were recorded and sent to the customers for a keepsake. Here are some advertisements I did on my own, and some screen shots of what a virtual Santa visit looked like. 

II did a few commercial clips, using the studio I set up for JingleRing visits. 

The customer sees this - Santa in the main window, with their family on the side, and any additional guests they invite below


I am "back stage" in front of a blue screen. I operate OBS and apply an animated background


We (the Santas) see the family, and have other controls and indicators: information on the family, if they have ordered Special Needs, etc, a button to take a snapshot, and END button, and even an Emergency Stop Button. The families give more or less information, can be big or small, and can have guests from anywhere.