Zvoid Production Company

Zvoid Productions is an indie company that produces shorts with a moral message. For instance, don't judge a person by looks, respect your parents, be nice to people, friends are more important than almost anything, etc. They publish mainly on the Zvoid Youtube channel. Here are clips in which I played a part, from supporting roles to main roles. My part is indicated.  

Zvoid: Mom Bullies Daughter
(as Phil, the teacher)

Zvoid: Infertility and Marriage
(as Fred, the holy man)

Zvoid: Struggling Artist
(as Alan, the rich father)

Zvoid: I Am Ashamed of My Parents
(as Dale, the father and uncle)

Zvoid: Neurotic Neighbor
(as Stephan, the neurotic neighbor)


Zvoid: Pasta Pesto
(as Bob, the Chef)

Zvoid: People Treat Me Differently Without Makeup
(as Robert, the jerky boss)

Zvoid: Homeless Guru
(as Ralph, the homeless guru)

Zvoid: Toxic Roomate
(as Jack, the landlord)

Zvoid: The Tutor
(as Walter, the tutor)