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Zvoid Production Company

Zvoid Productions is an indie company that produces shorts with a moral message. Here are clips in which I played a part, from supporting roles to main roles. All clips are in English.

Zvoid: Pasta Pesto
(as Bob, the Chef)

Zvoid: Infertility and Marriage
(as Fred, the holy man)

Zvoid: Struggling Artist
(as Alan, the rich father)

Zvoid: I Am Ashamed of My Parents
(as Dale, the father and uncle)

Zvoid: Neurotic Neighbor
(as Stephan, the neurotic neighbor)

Zvoid: People Treat Me Differently Without Makeup
(as Robert, the jerky boss)

Zvoid: Mom Bullies Daughter
(as Phil, the teacher)

Zvoid: Toxic Roomate
(as Jack, the landlord)

Zvoid: Homeless Guru
(as Ralph, the homeless guru)

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